Vendor Listing

white and blue come on in we ere open signage
Photo by Tim Mossholder on


Below is a list of the amazing Vendors we have lined up, thus far, for you this year at Key City!  This list is by no means in any particular order, and some transcend the headings they are listed under.  Any corrections to either listing or links can be emailed to and we will make the correction as quickly as we can.


Jewelry and Accessories
Beaded Chic / MAD Glassworks
The Vintage  Punk
Telixen Delights
Hagalaz Gemacht
Countless Creations 
Fascination Street
Chain & Fancy
Wyrd Armouries
The Mechanical Meow
Panda Loot Ltd.
W Designs by Dianne 
Encase in Wire
Art / Photography
John Milleker Photography
Mark Eliot Schwabe, SteamSmith
Salvage Dolls
One:Eleven Pottery
Felix Eddy – The Clockwork Sphinx
Books / Novelists
Anne Renwick
Katherine McIntyre
Drake & McTrowell 
Doc Coleman
Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris
Fire Aloft
Clothing and Accessories
Midnight Orchid Design
Lorica Clothing
Lincoln Street Design
Lady Heather’s Fashions
As They Sew in France
Temporal Outfitters
Milton’s Emporium
Design by Night
Hats and Spats
Nonlinear Bags
Deviant Elegance
The Trilobite Collective
Doctor Gus Designs
CLE Steampunk Shop 
Aleksandra Valiunas
Silverwolf Leather
Dodson Designs
Shananigens In Leather
T Star Leather
Food Stuffs / Toys / Props / Services
Splinters and Hide
B&C Emporium of Tea
The Bee Folks
Time Bomb Tattoos & Curiosities
Tenth Ward Distilling Company
Cross’ Critters
Oil and Lace
Pureblend Tea  
Peaceful Glen Metaphysical Solutions
Celestial Healing Arts



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