Hello Key City Steampunk patrons and guests.

We at Key City Steampunk stand in solidarity with the BLM movement and with the Steampunk community at large.  It is our responsibility as event organizers to ensure that our event is a welcoming space for all persons who take part in our community.

To spell it out: If you don’t believe that the PoC members of our community deserve to enjoy our hobby and community safely alongside us, you have no place among us.

Though it is one thing to speak, it is another to take action.

Although we have some very talented special PoC guests already slated for the next Key City Steampunk Festival we are committed to being more inclusive.

As such, we would like to hear from you.  Please email suggestions of local creators in the Steampunk community of color you think should be a part of this event.  We would like to to add their voices and see even more of our community’s talent at our show.

Be excellent to each other in this difficult time.  We’re here for you, and we absolutely stand with Black Lives matter.

Much love,

The Key City Steampunk Festival

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