It is official!

Key City Steampunk festival is on for August 13-15 in Gettysburg, PA!

We will open up ticket sales soon, (give us a week or so to get things set up). You can reserve your hotel room now however. Follow the hotel link below and reserve your room.

Key City Steampunk Festival has your health in mind. We will be doing everything in our power to ensure that you are safe. This will include mandatory masking without exception in public areas including outside. We will be creating a succinct and very detailed masking guide so that there will be no question about what the rules are. (Please wait for this before asking questions as it will explain all). You will be required to be able to wear a mask to attend this event.

The vaccine is currently available to all and we encourage everyone to be vaccinated well before the event for the safety of all those involved.

We will post a listing of performers and vendors soon however here is a list of some of the main acts.

“This way to the Egress!” Will be headlining Saturday evening after the 3rd annual variety act show that will open for them. This is the 3rd year for the variety show and it has been met with raucous laughter and applause.

Friday evening will see Frenchy and the Punk hitting the stage with Nathaniel Johnstone opening.

Mix that with amazing special guests TBA and incredible artist vendors it promises to be the get together that we all need.

Key City Steampunk Festival is set up to be a happy reunion of the steampunk community after so long apart. We wish you all the health and fun in the world after this very trying time.

Here is the link for the hotel.…/wyndham…/rooms-rates…

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