Specifications for each are as follows – 


The Land Portion of the race will be completed through the Newtonian Races with Doc Gus.  These racers are scratch built using the basic Pinewood Derby Car kits (the rectangular body).  There will be no weight limit, however all prefabricated cars must be approved by Doc Gus.  There will be a “Build Your Own Newtonian Racer Workshop” during the event.  There will be a $10.00 material fee for this workshop, however, everything you will need to build your vehicle will be available.

The Sea Portion of the race will be completed through the use of premade and decorated “Raingutter Regatta Trimaran Kits” that will be propelled by our Proprietary Manual Accelerator Devices”.  You are able to purchase additional kits on your own and race them, however, must be approved and use the same base kit.

The Air portion of the race will be a race between Balloon Dirigibles.  Dirigibles can be of any material make, however, all must have a normal balloon top that can be attached to a zip line that will be run between two poles.  The balloon must be accessible and not completely contained, especially at the front of the build.  A picture of a prototype will be posted shortly. 

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