Key City Steampunk Code of Conduct


The main objective of the Key City Steampunk Festival is for all attendees to enjoy themselves in a safe and fun environment.  Over the past three years the event has endeavored to ensure that everyone enjoys the finest this unique community has to offer.  In order to continue that tradition of providing a fulfilling and exciting time, we felt a written Code of Conduct was necessary to continue that tradition.  This Code of Conduct exists to ensure that all attendees are fully aware of what behavior is expected by all in attendance, to fellow attendees, as well as non-attendees in the venue, and the consequences of behavior that is in violation of the policy.  Please be sure to read this policy and understand how it applies to you.  Any questions or requests for clarification can be addressed to the following email

  • Who Goes There?: All Attendees will be provided a badge upon entry.  It is the responsibility of the Attendee to wear their badge visibly and at all times in the venue.  In the event you misplace or lose your badge a replacement can be issued by requesting one at the convention check-in desk.   This ensures that everyone knows you are supposed to be there and not an advance scout for the Dark Gods.
  • Manners Maketh the Man, Woman, and Automata: We ask that all Attendees are mindful of those around them.    Steampunk is a diverse group, and that is one of the main factors that had drawn most of us into this amazing community.   We vary in race, age, belief, sexual orientation, personal style, body size, ability, and so many more other variants too numerous to fully list.  When attending, be mindful of not only who you are specifically interacting with, but those around you as well.  We are an inclusive group by nature and should be celebrating everyone’s own uniqueness.   Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, or any other demeaning or degrading commentary or remarks have no place here.  This additionally applies to costumes, buttons and any disruptive behavior.  Racist, distruptful, or hateful costuming or behavior will have no home here.
  • How Close is Too Close: There will be times throughout the event when attendees will be in close proximity to each other.  Be sure you are being mindful of other’s personal space, and do not invade anyone’s personal space.  We are all a friendly bunch, but under no circumstances should you be touching, kissing, or hugging someone without their clear and explicit verbal consent.  Sexual harassment, whether physical, verbal, or otherwise will not be tolerated.  Physical violence and threats of are equally not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  We take such misconduct very seriously and instances of any type of threat will be addressed immediately on being reported. Additionally there will be those who have opted for “larger than life” costumes and props, please be mindful that added appendages are not invading someone’s personal space without your knowledge.
  • Obey the Rules: While it may feel as though you have been transported to another world while attending, the real world still exists. This means that the rules are there for your protection and need to be followed.  This includes any and all hotel, state, and federal laws.  Do not bring illegal drugs.  Do not cheat or steal.  Alcohol is only for those 21 years or older and those old enough to partake must do so responsibly.  Do not claim something as yours that isn’t (this includes props and creations).  Do not trespass or damage any property.  Be mindful of children as this is a family friendly event.  Treat the facilities and those working and attending it with respect.  Please be mindful that the hotel staff is there working and should be treated with respect.
  • Sometimes you just have to be blunt: Everyone wants to have a good time and enjoy themselves. Being a jerk prevents that from happening.  Being a jerk is not adhering to this Code of Conduct.  Being a jerk will result in you being asked to leave.  Don’t be a jerk.  The Organizational Staff reserves the right to remove anyone not adhering to the policies listed.

We take the safety of our attendees very seriously.  If at any time anyone feels that these rules have been violated, and feel harassed, harmed, demeaned, or unsafe it is imperative that the unwelcome behavior be reported to any of the Key City Steampunk Festival Organizational Staff immediately.   The same should apply if such behavior is witnessed happening to someone else since as a community we need to stick together and look out for each other.  All reported instances will be investigated by the organizational management staff on a case by case basis.  As matters such as this are sensitive, investigations and any administered corrective actions may be conducted confidentially.  All reported instances will be reviewed and addressed on an independent basis and done so objectively.  If the situation warrants it, or if a clear law has been broken, the proper authorities will be notified.


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