Photography Policy


Who doesn’t want to have their picture taken in costume at a convention?  Especially after all the care and effort that has been put into it’s design and details?  We at Key City Steampunk Convention felt it necessary to put together a policy regarding photographs/video  to ensure everyone was aware of our expectations.  Pictures and Video are of course encouraged, however, there are a few points that need to be made clear

  • There will be a Staff Photographer at the event this year, taking pictures of the events, including its attendees.  This means you may be photographed as part of a “candid” shot of the event, without you being aware of it.  Please be mindful of this throughout your time with us.  The resulting photos may and will be used for future posts, advertising.  We also have photography vendors in attendance that would be excited for you to use their services.
  • Personal photography / videography is encouraged, however, under no circumstances is photography for profit permitted unless you have submitted and been approved for Vending at the event.  Violation of this policy may and can result in removal from the event, current and in the future.  We have structured a specific vending fee for this type of “roaming vendor” and information regarding this can be obtained by submitting a Vendor Application.
  • When taking photos of costumes or fellow attendees, personal photographers must obtain consent from the subject.
  • Please be mindful of people taking photographs during the event.  Common courtesy in not interrupting someone taking a picture should be do different than interrupting someone’s conversation.
  • As with all of Key City Steampunk Convention’s policies – if you have any questions please email those queries to
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