Weapons / Costume Policy

There have been some questions regarding a weapons policy for Key City Steampunk Festival.  The following Weapons Policy has been established to provide a safe and secure environment for all.

  • No real fire arms or ultra – realistic looking replicas. Local Police will treat anything that looks like a real weapon as a real weapon.
  • No live steel including knives.
  • Nerf and Water guns that are not identical to real firearms are permitted, however, should not contain projectile ammunition or water.
  • Prop swords, axes, machetes, spears, halberds, glaives, and any other thing you can think of must be constructed of wood or foam only and not present  a serious danger.
  • Attendees must keep control of their “weapons” at all times. Allowing someone to hold or “use” your weapon is done so at your own risk.
  • Flamethrowers are not permitted.
  • Being Naked is not a costume.
  • All props must be checked in and inspected at the Prop Check Area of Registration.  Props will be inspected on a case by case basis.  While we understand the time and effort that is put into these creations, it will be required that all checked in props be “peace tied” to identify they have been checked.  This will include the addition of a brightly colored zip tie.  All reasonable efforts to allow the tie to not interfere with the overall aesthetic of the prop will be made, however this is mandatory and must be readily visible.  All Nerf and water guns will be tied to prevent operation.  Management and Staff will be looking for these throughout the event, and if missing, the owner must be escorted back to the check in to receive a tie.  If you are uncomfortable with this process, do not bring it.  In the event such an item is unable to be made “safe” or properly and visibly tagged, it will be considered prohibited and asked to be removed.
  • Masks and helmets are permitted, however, for your own safety, must not obstruct your vision and be easily removable.
  • If you are unsure of a specific item, or have any questions, contact keycitysteampunk@gmail.com.
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